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Customised payroll services for employees
Citibank at Work is a unique office banking service offering package for select companies' employees. It commits to provide employees with convenient, professional and customized banking products and services. With Citibank at Work, your employees will be able to conveniently enjoy the offerings below within your office: Special discounts and rates for select Citibank products, Convenient banking service, Invitations to Citibank's professional financial education & seminar, Professional banking service, More tailor-made services for Citibank at Work customers.
Citibank Financial Product Overview
As a Citibank at Work customer, your employee can enjoy Citibank's world-class products and services, to broaden their options and manage their income with ease!
Special Offers as a Citibank at Work Customer
All the special offers are exclusively for your employees. As new products and services will be constantly launched, your employees will enjoy more and more special offers, which would certainly enhance your company's employer image.
Bringing Banking to your Workplace with Multiple Service Channels
Still waiting in the queue for a simple banking service? Still worry about how to manage your personal finance and transactions? Citibank at Work provides your employees with a little smarter, and a lot more convenient solutions, to let them focus on their career, create more value for your company and grow both their career and personal finances.
Professional Financial Education Programs & Seminars
As a global financial institution, Citibank has a team of Financial Experts and Professionals with deep knowledge on various financial aspects, providing us information on latest news, investment tools and market views. This information will be shared regularly with our customers via our financial education programs & seminars
Dedicated Personal Consultant Service
Every Citibank at Work customer will be assigned a dedicated personal consultant, he/she is the one-point contact to all Citibank product information and relevant financial services.
Citibank Notice Deposit
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