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Citigold Private Client
Your personal wealth is worth millions. Is your bank treating it with the care and attention it deserves?
Introducing a wealth management service to help you build upon your success.
Citigold Private Client is a unique banking relationship created specifically for those with US$1 million and more invested with Citibank.
We've combined the products, ideas and insights of Private Banking, with the scale and services at Citibank to give you the reach and expertise of a global powerhouse, with the convenience of a top local bank.
At Citigold Private Client, your account will be managed by a highly skilled wealth management team, led by an industry-leading senior banker. With our full suite of retail and business banking products, you can be assured of financial solutions that are customised specifically for you.
The difference between a normal decision and a more profitable one? Access to insights
As a Citigold Private Client, you will be privy to up-to-the-minute information and the most intensive research that spans across all investment sectors and continents.
You understand the value of expertise. So do we
As a Citigold Private Client, your dedicated senior relationship manager is supported by an experienced group of specialists located on-site that includes: wealth management specialists, insurance specialists, mortgage specialists and business bankers in support of regional and global teams in areas such as trust services, trade, insurance and investment banking.
When is a good time to invest? With a well-diversified portfolio, anytime
When one’s wealth has grown to a substantial level, there is always a tendency to invest in the market regardless of its condition. That is why, at Citigold Private Client, we strive to help you maximize your returns by minimizing the risks across your portfolio, regardless of prevailing market conditions.
There is no such a thing as a lack of opportunities. Only missed ones.
Discipline is needed in investing. Your portfolio requires regular up-to-date analysis and evaluation to enable you to capitalize on market shifts and make full use of unexpected opportunities. Leave it to us to monitor these progresses and compare your portfolio’s benchmark to our model portfolios in order for your investment to reach its full potential.
You see the big picture- and the little details. Well, so do we
As a Citigold Private Client, we not only equip you with the experience and expertise of a senior relationship manager, but also the dedication of an assistant relationship manager. This way, we’re confident that we'll have everything planned perfectly for you. With the Citigold Private Client Service Line, a team of skilled service personnel will be on standby 24/7 to help you with all matters big or small. You will receive an impeccable service, and nothing short of what you would expect from a Citigold Private Client.
Good is the enemy of great. We couldn’t agree more
As a Citigold Private Client, you will be naturally accorded with our signature VIP treatment. We will give you what you deserve, from Citi's top diamond cards to exclusive airport VIP rewards, famous doctor booking, global life style assistance and luxury goods purchasing service.Citi is beyond your imagination!
Don't settle for second best
Only the best financial products appear in the Citigold Private Client selection of offerings. From mutual funds to corporate bonds, each package is customized by our visionary panel of experts to enhance your portfolio.
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