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Global Banking Service
Enjoy VIP privileges anywhere you are
Citigold Global Access
Citigold Global Access offers you privileged services across 35 countries worldwide.
  • As a Citigold client, you are entitled with Citigold worldwide recognition wherever you travel.
  • Up to US$10,000 (or equivalent) overseas emergency cash withdrawal.
  • Overseas foreign currency exchange at applicable Citigold preferential rates in the receiving countries.
  • Courtesy access to overseas Citigold lounges and meeting rooms, and complimentary use of business amenities such as local telephone, fax, computer and Internet connection, etc.
  • Worldwide toll-free Home-connect Hotline 800-CITICODE (i.e. 800-2484 2633) to contact Citiphone anywhere you travel.
Overseas Account Opening Referral
If you are planning to immigrate, study abroad on or overseas assignment, we can help you with all relevant enquiries and make appointment in the designated country on account opening referral via Citigold Global Support Centers.
To find out more,
Call Citibank 24-Hour Service Hotline at 400-821-1880 or 800-830-1880 (For land lines within mainland China). If you are overseas, please call (+86)-(20)-3880-1267.
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