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Trade Services and Finances
Manage all your imports and exports
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2010 Best International Trade Bank in China-Trade Finance Magazine
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With the largest trade services network in the world, Citi offers a broad range of trade services and trade finance solutions to our global trade clients. From simple issuance of Letters of Credit, to highly complex financing structures, our solutions are tailored to meet your specialized needs, supporting your transactions end-to-end.
Our trade financing services help your business to drive growth, reduce administrative expenses, shorten trade cycle, and strengthen risk management practices.
You can also leverage our trade advisory expertise, acquiring timely market insights to grow your business.
  • Export Services and Finance
    • L/C advising, confirmation, transfer and forfeiting
    • Export L/C negotiation, discounting and collection
    • Export non-L/C negotiation and discounting
    • A/R forfeiting and financing
    • Pre-shipment financing
  • Import Services and Finance
    • L/C issuing
    • Trust Receipt and Import Loan
    • Shipping Guarantee (S/G)
    • Import Non-L/C Documentary Collection (D/A or D/P)
  • Cross-border RMB Service
  • Domestic Trade Services and Finance
    • A/R forfeiting and financing
    • Supply chain financing
    • RMB draft discounting
  • Other products and services
    • Guarantee, Standby L/C, etc.
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