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Multi-Currency Time Deposit
Multi-currency time deposit at your best choice
We offer RMB Time Deposit and Foreign Currency Time Deposits in 10 different currencies of 5 different tenures to give you more flexibility in managing your short and long-term financial goals.
BenefitsInterest RateHow to Apply
  • RMB & 10 foreign currencies available
  • Enjoy higher interest than that of savings account
  • RMB 5 different tenures: 3month, 6month, 12month, 24month, 36month
  • Foreign Currency 6 different tenures: 2week*, 1month, 2month, 3month, 6month, 12month
    *2week only available for EUR/AUD/CAD/GBP/NZD
  • 3 renewal options offering you maximum convenience
    • Renew both the principal and interest
    • Renew only the principal and transfer the interest to your savings account
    • Transfer both principal and interest to your savings account
Overseas Remittance can reach your citibank account immediately
Seizing dual return on your selected currency with Premium Account