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Protection Solution
Adequate protection leads to a joyful life
Years of efforts and accumulation bring you a prosperous career and a balanced life, when pursing and enjoying all these achievements, have you ever thought that this could also tire you out gradually? As time goes by, how to ensure lifetime happiness for your family and to provide them with the best as you always do?
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"Citibank Protection Solution" includes comprehensive insurance plan to fulfill the protection needs of you and your family. For a small portion of your income, you could put a protection solution in place to ensure your family will be financially assisted and your loved one will be taken good care of in case any uncertainty happens.
If you need to:
  • Save a small portion of income now to put a protection in place for the future
  • To have a comprehensive life protection and thoughtful care
Citibank Home Equity provides you with the great financial flexibility!
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