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Citibank Enhanced Yield Account
Seizing higher return without risking your principal
Enhanced Yield Account (EYA) is a principal protected investment product (if hold to maturity) with a floating return. The investor uses the interest due on his/her investment principal to buy a digital option in the form of European Call or Put. The return (if any) on the investment will depend on the performance of the underlying foreign exchange rates or commodity price chosen. The principal and investment return (if any) will be paid on maturity.
Note: European options are options that can only be exercised at expiry date (i.e. a pre-designated point of time). Digital option is a type of option where the payoff is either a fixed amount or nothing at all.
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Advantages of Enhanced Yield Account
  • An opportunity to earn potentially higher interest than time deposit of the same tenure;
  • 100% principal protection;
  • A wide selection of currencies;
  • Flexible tenures to cater to your specific needs.
Risk Class requirement for EYA is level 2.
Foreign Exchange Trinity
Note: Investment product is not a deposit and subject to investment risk. The investor should act prudently.


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