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Citibank Premium Account
Seizing dual return on your selected currency with Premium Account
Premium Account is an investment product with foreign exchange option, which is composed by foreign currency time deposit and foreign exchange option.
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When investing in a Premium Account, timing, choice of currencies and your personal investment preference are crucial. You may find a Citibank Premium Account suitable for you under the following circumstances:
  • You wish to receive a higher interest rate as compared to a traditional time deposit and you are comfortable holding either the base or the alternate currency.
  • You are waiting to buy another currency for investment, diversification, business or are planning to send your children overseas. You can earn a higher interest rate as compared to a traditional time deposit while waiting to buy the alternate currency at your preferred Strike Price.
  • You are holding the view that your base currency will weaken further.In view of that, the higher interest rate earned may buffer you against adverse foreign exchange movements and you are likely to have a higher chance of receiving your principal and interest back in your base currency that is weakening.
In the meantime, you may need to aware that Premium Account is an investment product and the returns may vary. The product is subject to a number of risks. Before you open a Premium Account, Citibank will help you fully understand your investment goal and risk tolerance level through an individual risk profiling. Based on the result, you can work out an appropriate investment plan with your relationship manager.
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