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Structured Investment Account
An attractive investment option
Citibank's Structured Investment Account (SIA) is an investment product that provides 100% principal protection if held to maturity. The return is determined by the performance of its underlying derivative financial instruments or assets or when certain pre-specified conditions are met. Investment return (if any) will be paid to customers at specified dates.
This Product shall not be provided to a US person for purposes of US federal income tax, or a person acting for, or on behalf of, a US person, or a person with US mailing address or any other person who fails to meet the Bank’s sales requirement. 
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The return of the Structured Investment Account is determined by the specific structure and the performance of the underlying asset. For example, the Structured Investment Account 2013-2, the 6-month Absolute Sharkfin Structured Investment Account, linked to WTI Oil achieved good performance. Investors obtained a return of 8.075% p.a. in 6 months, which is significantly higher than Time Deposit rate.
Note: Investment product is not a deposit and subject to investment risk. The historical returns do not represent actual or future performance. The investor should act prudently.
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