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Getting Started
Learn how to use Citibank Online
Welcome to Citibank Online, your instant access to faster, easier, more convenient banking.
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Account Information Enquiry
  • View updated information on your accounts anytime, anywhere
  • View your account summary, details and transactions
  • Download your transaction activities
Citibank Global Account Overview
  • Account Overview of accounts in Citibank Singapore, Australia and Indonesia etc.
  • One Time Online Verification
  • Single Page Layout for Account Overview
Electronic Statements
  • Access to your past 12 months statements whenever you need
  • Receive your electronic statements upon notification email which is earlier than your paper mail
Payments And Transfers
Online Payee Registration
Fast Transfer to domestic and foreign accounts
Express Transfer and My Favorite
Citibank Alerts Service
  • Enroll for free Citibank Alerts Service on Citibank Online
  • Receive email alerts to monitor your accounts and investments
  • Receive account monitoring alerts for movement on your Time Deposits, Investment and Loan account
  • Receive notification alerts on Net Asset Value, Target Return and Stop Loss.
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