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Internet Security
128-bit encryption and much more
At Citibank Online, your Internet Security is our utmost concern. Citibank considers customer confidentiality one of our highest priorities and we employ every appropriate measure to safeguard it.
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Strong Encryption (128 Bit)
All data sent to and from Citibank is "scrambled" and "reassembled" between Citibank and your personal computer using 128-bit encryption, the highest level of encryption generally available today.
Register your payee online
You need to add your payee on Citibank Online, and use the OAC we send to you via your registered mobile number and email address to activate this new payee before payment and transfer.
Automatic Time Out
Your session will be terminated if your computer stays idle for more than 6 minutes, to protect against unauthorized access. You will be requested to sign on again before you can access any of our Online services.
One Time Password to secure your online transaction.
Before you access to key functions (e.g. Payment and Transfer) of Citibank Online, you need to use the One Time Password send from Citibank to your registered mobile phone for authentication.
Monitor on Transaction Risks or System Risks.
Risk Monitor for suspicious transaction;
Regular Online Banking self-testing and monitor to fix system bug immediately.
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