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Payment and Transfer
Transfer funds online to payees
FeaturesBenefitsHow to RegisterHow to Register
Online Payee Registration
  • Add the following payee account types online:
    Local Citibank RMB Account
    Local Non-Citibank RMB Account
    Overseas Foreign Currency Account
  • Instantly receive an Online Authorization Code (OAC) via email and/or SMS to activate your payee
  • Transfer funds online to your payees immediately after you have activated them
Fast Transfer to domestic and foreign accounts

    Instantly transfer fund to :

      RMB A/C FCY A/C

    Local Citibank Account- Own A/C

    No limit 10,000 USD Equivalent /per day
    Local Citibank Account- 3rd Party’s A/C 250,000/per day Not Available
    Local Non-Citibank Account-Own A/C 50,000/per txn
    250,000/per day
    20,000 USD Equivalent /per day
    Local Non-Citibank Account- 3rd Party’s A/C Not available
    Overseas FCY Account Not available< 20,000 USD Equivalent /per day

    Noted: Foreign currencies exchange will be processed by executed rate if it occurs.

Express Transfer
  • Multiple Payment in one time to save your effort
My Favorite
  • Set up short cut to your frequently used transfer
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