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Citibank Notice Deposit
7-Day Notice Deposit with Automatic Rollover
Do you want quick access to your funds and yet still enjoy attractive interest rates at the same time? Citibank Notice Deposit will be your ideal choice. The Citibank Notice Deposit enables your savings to earn higher returns compared to a normal savings account with the same flexibility to withdraw cash when the need arises.
BenefitsInterest RateHow to Apply
  • Higher interest rate compared to a savings account and greater liquidity compared to a time deposit
  • With a tenure of 7-day, your lock-in period is much shorter.
  • Flexibility to withdraw cash when the need arises and the remaining balance will continue to earn the same high interest rate.
  • Hassle free process with the 7-day automatic rollover function with compounding interests.
  • 100% principal protection.
  • 11 currencies for you to choose from: RMB/USD/HKD/EUR/YEN/GBP/AUD/NZD/CAD/SGD/CHF
Citibank Home Equity provides you with the great financial flexibility!
Overseas Remittance can reach your citibank account immediately