Enjoy Higher Return Potential with Citibank Wealth Management Investments
Citibank, your trustworthy banking partner, is dedicated to offering you investment products that meet your financial goals.
Risk disclosure: This is an investment product with investment risks. For specific risks and features, please refer to relative terms and conditions.
Structured Investment Account
  • An investment product linked with derivative financial instruments or asset of international financial markets
  • Rich and diversified product structures with 100% principal protection if held to maturity
  • Matured performance
Enhanced Yield Account
  • An opportunity to earn potentially higher interest than a time deposit
  • 100% principal protected
  • A wide selection of currencies and flexible tenures to cater to your specific needs
Premium Account
  • An investment product that captures opportunities in the foreign exchange market
  • Benefit from enhanced return through a foreign currency option
  • Broad range of choices with 10 currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, etc.
QDII - Structured Notes
  • Offer you with opportunities in various markets and diversified underlying assets
  • Reduce investment risks as well as enhance potential return
  • Matured performance
QDII - Global Bond Series
  • The first bank in China to offer global bond series under the QDII scheme
  • Largest number of offshore bonds offerings of any bank in China; Multiple currencies selection including USD, EUR, AUD
  • Bond prices
QDII - Mutual Funds
  • Wide array of direct, open-ended mutual funds under the QDII scheme
  • Largest number of offshore mutual funds offerings of any bank in China
  • NAV
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