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Team-Based Relationship Management Model
You understand the value of expertise. So do we
You understand the value of expertise. So do we.
As a Citigold Private Client, your dedicated senior relationship manager is supported by an experienced group of specialists located on-site - wealth management specialists, insurance specialists, mortgage specialists and business bankers-as well as regional and global teams in areas such as trust services, trade, insurance and investment banking.
Through direct discussions with you, our experienced relationship team will gain a thorough understanding of your investment portfolio and financial objectives. This ensures that the advice and recommendations are tailored to your individual portfolio's strategic needs- a mark of our personalised service and dedication.
ValueHow to Apply
  • A senior relationship manager supported by a dedicated team of global and regional specialists
  • Expertise from a wide range of specializations including investment, treasury, insurance mortgage and business banking
  • Receive personal advice tailored to your individual portfolio strategic needs
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